Tyler Perry's Take On Splitting Bills In Relationships Sparks Debate

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Tyler Perry has social media talking after his comments about splitting bills in relationships went viral.

Perry made the comments during an appearance on the Keep It Positive podcast, which is hosted by Sistas star, Crystal Renee Hayslett. In a clip shared on social media, Perry suggested Black women should be okay if a man makes less in a relationship.

“In our society right now, Black women are making a lot more money than Black men,” Perry said. “So if you can find love and that man works at whatever job and is a good man and is good to you…that’s OK. That’s not someone who’s beneath you, that’s someone who came to love you at your worth.”

“That’s so hard for people to take in because they need someone that makes 5x more than me,” he continued. “But when you talk about just someone that loves you and supports you….it’s a beautiful thing.”

The now-viral clip sparked debate on X, formerly Twitter.

“The part he’s leaving out is how much that man will secretly hate that you earn more, how that hate will weigh on their ego, and how it seeps out and affects your relationship in wild ways,” one user said. “The message should be encouraging bm to do more, not encouraging bw to settle for less.”

Another user seemed to side with Perry.

"So true. I make more than my husband does and at the beginning, it bothered him a lot. I make it my business to make sure he always knows regardless he is still the head of our household and the father figure and a man in mine and our kids lives. He’s awesome in every way."

See more social media reactions to Perry's take below.

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