Ime Udoka's Alleged Comments To LeBron During Game Revealed: 'Soft A** Boy'

Photo: Getty Images

Houston Rockets head coach Ime Udoka and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James got into a heated exchange during their matchup on Saturday (December 2) that led to technical fouls and an ejection.

The verbal altercation unfolded during the fourth quarter with 8:35 minutes left in the game. Though it's unclear exactly what was said, a popular lip-reader on X posted footage of the alleged conversation between the two.

“Stop crying like b*tches, man”, Udoka allegedly yelled at James.

“We’re all grown men, that b*tch word ain’t cool”, James said as he walked towards Udoka on the sidelines. "Don’t use it so loosely. Don’t use that word so loosely. Nah, don’t use it so loosely, though. Don’t use it so loosely.”

“Soft a** boy, stop b*tching. Acting like you’re gonna do something,” Udoka allegedly fired back.

Both James and Udoka received technical fouls, but the Rockets coach was ejected from the game as it was his second of the night.

During their post-game interviews, the two declined to reveal the details of their exchange.

"We had some conversation and [the refs] didn't like what they heard," Udoka said.

Meanwhile, James quipped that he and Udoka were discussing "how much we enjoyed Thanksgiving."

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