Beloved Florida Cities Among Best Solo Travel Destinations In The U.S.

The Convention Center and Riverwalk at night in Tampa, Florida.

Photo: AppalachianViews / iStock / Getty Images

There's nothing like those special trips that truly embody "me, myself, and I." While traveling with family or friends can lead to long-lasting memories, some people want to take a step back from everyone and everything. Plenty of tourist attractions, iconic sites, and cities are tailor-made to accommodate groups, but some places are perfect for a party of one. Plus, you can craft your itinerary and not have to worry about other decisions and preferences.

That's why Good Housekeeping compiled a list of the best solo travel destinations, from beloved metropolitan cities to smaller, intimate towns and locations.

Two Florida cities found a place on the list. The first one is Tampa, renowned for Busch Gardens and its popular riverwalk. Writers also recommend you head to Ybor City just to experience cigar lounges and the historic Columbia restaurant, which they claim is "home to one of the tastiest house salads you'll ever eat and a must-see flamenco show."

Speaking of history, no other place in the Sunshine State embodies that than St. Augustine. Known as one of America's oldest cities, this immersive location landed on the list thanks to its historic sites and fascinating museums. Beyond the century-old landmarks and tours, writers suggest you visit San Sebastian Winery and local seafood restaurants.

Visit Good Housekeeping's website for more solo travel recommendations.

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